Never Be Afraid of Color!!!

Posted by Angela Williams on

When wearing makeup, most women tend to find their "look" early on in life and stick with it...or they use more neutral tones that merely smooth out any imperfections....or they just stop wearing makeup all together. As a woman over 30, I understand that over time, making ourselves up becomes less of a priority. Often times, when we decide to beautify, sticking with basic natural tones is easiest and is commonly considered to be "more appropriate" as we age.

Well, I'm here today to dispel ageism and encourage EVERY makeup wearer...Be fearless and dip your face in color!!! It is my belief that colorful makeup options are ageless. As a woman with blue locs, I believe that a simple dab of color on the eyes or lips can go a long way. So...Experiment with a little color..GO FOR IT!!! 

Truth is...Beauty is boundless...with or without makeup!!

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