Our Story

EulaCorine (pron. U-La-Co-Reen) is a brand that's focused on providing a centralized location for fulfilling overall beauty and apparel needs for both men and women. Our focus is on creating a shopping environment that will guide consumers to a cohesive style composition that best represents themselves. 
Named for my maternal and paternal grandmothers, EulaCorine is founded on the importance of grace, style, courage and independence.     
For as long as I can remember, it has been my desire to be my own boss. My passion for beauty and fashion was strengthened while pursing and completing my college degree in Apparel Merchandising and Business. 
In August 2017, as I was working for a very large corporation, I decided to begin my journey into the world of entrepreneurship. While still working my day job, I spent my evenings building my life-time dream career. Approximately 90 days prior to my scheduled launch date, my day job relocated my department and released my team from our duties. Leaving my job at this time was not part of my plan but as a christian, I believe all things happen according to God's plan. With some discomfort but full faith, I decided to continue forward with my dream career and did not seek out a new corporate position. Accepting the path of entrepreneurship has taken great faith, strength and courage. Every step of this journey is eye-opening and satisfying in an unexpected way.
I appreciate all support and love for this brand and our services! There's so much more to come!!!! 
~Angela Williams, Founder & CEO